ACC Bets Big on VAPs and Their Offerings

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ACC Limited has bet big on their value added products namely, ACC GOLD, ACC HPC & ACC Suraksha. Gold is one of the unique products in ACC’s product portfolio and is also India’s first and only water repellent cement. The cement is tailor made to meet consumer needs of reducing water permeation through structures, along with enhanced durability of structures. Protecting structures from seepage and corrosion, along with ensuring long term durability, are the key benefits of the product. It is a specially formulated pre-homogenized cement mix that eliminates the need for chemicals/additives, reduces capillary action in pores, and therefore, is damp-resistant. It restricts the rate of flow of water through its pores and reduces chloride and sulphate attacks, thereby ensuring that water leakages /seepages are reduced and corrosion is resisted. The concrete made from “ACC Gold” is denser with decreased water permeation as a result of which the concrete structures made with this product have lesser permeability vis-à-vis structures made with the other blended cements that are normal and do not have properties water permeation resistance.

ACC Gold can be used for all applications, including foundation concrete, beams and columns, brick masonry, wall plaster on the interior walls, bathrooms and balconies, ceiling plaster, terrace surface, wall plaster on exterior walls, water tanks, water retaining structures  and canal linings. ACC has undertaken numerous consumer connect and contractor connect initiatives to increase awareness regarding ACC Gold. Customer testimonials were shared across the stakeholder network to vouch for the premium quality of the product.

These testimonials also helped in building the trust and credibility of ACC Gold which is truly a unique application-based, water-repellent product.

ACC Gold remains one of ACC’s flagship products and meets the requirement of the Indian consumer due to its water repellent qualities. Owing to India’s four-month long monsoon season, ACC Gold is an indispensable product for construction. It is not just cement, it is a “VALUE ADDED PRODUCT” solution to the problems faced by the customer.

Whereas, ACC’s High Performance Cement (HPC) is one of the key products and provides durability to structures like never before. It is an engineered slag cement with specialized properties for better workability and cohesive mortar mix in concrete. This reduces permeability, resistance to sulphate and chlorides, protects reinforcement against corrosion, and reduces heat and hydration resulting in fewer chances of thermal crack formation. This product is primarily available in markets, such as Eastern India, Goa, Bellary and the Southern Region of India. It is priced at Rs 2-3 higher than the base product, ACC Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).  ACC manufactures approximately 7 million tonnes of HPC cement, depending on the demand.

ACC HPC provides a strong and impermeable Cement Paste Matrix and is used in the construction of resilient and long lasting environment-friendly structures. ACC High Performance Cement is best suited and dependable for structures that require strength and fortification, such as large bridges, high-rises, flyovers, and the likes. The product is carefully customized and tailor-made with cohesiveness to meet construction requirements. The product imparts strength to structures and is widely used across India.

ACC Suraksha has been developed through extensive research and development processes and manufactured with the latest technology in state-of- the-art cement plants. Its salient features, such as uniform particle size and distribution, along with specially processed reactive silica, helps in achieving dense and impermeable concrete. Taking into account the lower heat of hydration, it requires less water for curing. Curing is the process of maintaining satisfactory moisture content and temperature in freshly cast concrete for a definite period of time. Concrete made with ACC Suraksha also has resistance to sulphate & chloride attacks. These qualities make ACC Suraksha the best fit for long-lasting, durable and resilient structures.

ACC Suraksha can be handled without segregation and provides high strength concrete resulting in a strong and eco-friendly solution for construction. It is available in markets across India and is priced Rs 2-3 higher than the base product, ACC Portland Slag Cement (PSC). ACC manufactures 16 million tonnes of ACC Suraksha per year, depending on the demand. ACC Suraksha is one of ACC’s meticulously engineered cement solutions and is a perfect fit for heavy-duty construction. It has a high endurance potential and has turned out to be the preferred choice for the construction industry.

 About ACC

ACC Limited, part of the LafargeHolcim Group, is one of India’s leading producers of cement and ready mixed concrete.

With 7800 employees, 17 cement manufacturing sites, 50 concrete plants, a nationwide network of over 50,000 retail outlets and an R&D centre in Mumbai, the quality of ACC’s products and services, as well as its commitment to technological development, make it a preferred brand in building materials. Established in 1936, ACC is counted among the country’s “Most Sustainable Companies” and it is recognized for its best practices in environment management and corporate citizenship.

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