Breaking the ‘Myths’ of electronic locks

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Having the freedom to moving in and out of home without worrying about getting locked out is a major relief for many. The new norm of ‘key-less’ lifestyle is quite promising as people today are on a constant lookout for lifestyle simplification thus turning out to be biggest advocates for keyless or digital locks.

Of the key range of digital door lock systems, biometric door locking products are currently the dominant product segment. This is primarily due to reduced cost, ease of accessing doors that is not carrying separate physical tools such as cards or key fobs. Blame the numerable myths concerning electronic locks, there are still a great number of reservations surrounding the benefits of the electronic locking system.

So, here are six such myths for the successful adoption of electronic locks:

Myth 1: Will be non-functional during power cuts

The fact is electronic locks are not powered by electricity. Most of the electronics locks run on battery power. The lock continues to function even when there is power-cut. The batteries can power the lock for at least two years. Moreover, the built-in power sensors inform home owners weeks before the battery drains out, giving time to replace the 9V battery (which is available at any local hardware store); just like you replace the batteries of the TV remote controller. In addition, electronic locks have a manual mechanical key override too.

Myth 2: Will get locked-in in case of a fire at home

Electronic locks today advanced sensor that detect fire and automatically provides access to the home owner. This gives a major advantage to electronic locks because in case of fire and panic, a mechanical lock is too much of a work as compared to an electronic lock. 

Myth 3: Very difficult to operate

Advanced electronic locks have back lit keypads and touch screens feature so that there isn’t any fumbling in the dark to unlock door. Electronic locks are extremely easy to operate once installed and programmed properly. If an individual wishes to install lock by themselves, all the good brands have instructions manual and offer online video tutorial for additional in-depth assistance. On the other hand, having a professional install electronic lock eliminates confusion.  You have the ability to have all your questions answered while a professional locksmith is present. 

Myth 4: They are bulky

One does not have to sacrifice sense of interior styling for greater security.  A vast majority of electronic locks come in different body styles, finishes and trim to accent anyone’s home decor.

Myth 5: Button wears off/Doesn’t work in rain

Good brands understand that products need to be weather-proof; therefore, buttons are guaranteed not to wear off. Most electronic locks also feature a fingerprint-resistant touch screen that works in the rain or while wearing gloves. However, an RFID access card is recommended in case you wish to up the ante of security. 

Myth 6: Locks can be hacked!

Hacking a lock is really difficult. And if you thought electronic locks don’t support multiple credentials, you are wrong. Most locks offer multi-authentication via PIN, smartcard, manual key and biometric accessibility options. Some advanced locks also offer you a scrambled PIN option: which means you may press any number of keys before or after your password and yet the lock will open. This is an effective way of safe-keeping your password if someone is with you.

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