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Constructing a building is like manufacturing capital equipment

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Raman Sapru, President-EPC, Omkar Realtors

  • High-rise buildings throughout the world are becoming popular day by day. How do you see the popularity of tall buildings in the Indian realty sector?

Technology has helped speed up a variety of our processes, like time tracking and resource management. Productivity in construction receives a substantial boost from standardization, modularization and prefabrication. Basic intent of technology in today’s fast track high rise structure is to minimize time lines with best quality guarantee, technological development in formwork, high grade concretes, plasticizers, design intents all add to a benefited high rise project.

There must be equilibrium balance upon products, design intent and technology development. High speed elevators with machine room / mini machine room – Faster lifts mean safe journeys for passengers and, as a result better customer satisfaction, Auto-Climbing Formwork system – It features great adaptability to complex geometries and exposed concrete finishes, but above all it is a system that is remarkable for achieving optimised working times and rhythms during the climbing, concrete pouring and stripping processes, with total safety.

Drywall construction became prevalent as a speedier alternative to traditional plaster. Mast climbers provide fast, efficient and affordable temporary access to a wide range of construction and maintenance work, GPS can be used for many tasks in construction surveying such as measuring the grading, elevation, staking, mapping and site exploration

“If we are constructing a 300 mt tall building and the colours of ACP fades in 2-3 years the objective of its utility is lost, hence selection of products for construction has to be on the basis of life span of the building”

Acceptance of best-quality products despite higher costs

Apart from aesthetic, today it is all about durability of the product. Constructing a building is like manufacturing capital equipment. It is not about aesthetic only but the daily wear and tear/maintenance it has to undergo. Cost parameters play dual role in selection of a best product.

If we are constructing a 300 mt tall building and the colours of ACP fades in 2-3 years the objective of its utility is lost, hence selection of products for construction has to be on the basis of life span of the building. Secondly, all high rise buildings have to be properly engineered; only good aesthetic serves no purpose if the functional systems in the building are not properly working. Hence, high-rise buildings are built in a proper engineered manner and the aesthetic should be timeless and durable. Cost is not only the factor to be considered. It should make business sense; also it is equally important to keep life cycle of a building in mind while selecting the material for high rise construction.

Utilization and end result goes parallel in selection of any product from the progress of a project time line in particularly for Sky Scrapers. Therefore higher cost criteria stand null and void by looking at the returns of the products in long run and the image building it does.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, it is imperative to identify the customer needs, create products based on this and build customer-centric products that stand out through distinction.

  • High-rise buildings present big challenges for builders and engineers. Could you please share the challenges you have faced in any of your recent projects?

There is no single solution to a project. Depending on the context we decide equipment/technology. Today’s Projects have fast track deliverables promises to match with customer requirement and competitive market demand, to foster this technologies amalgamating operations are to be used – Mini Plaster machines, Wall chasers, proper sequencing, readymade doors, Drywalls mechanism, Aluminium Section Lintels, Weld mesh and many more.

Robust technologies in glazing façade, high speed elevators, Smoke detectors, ducting, chillers are also a part of today’s fast track high rise projects. The technological capability exists for vast improvement in our methods, and it will be our effectiveness that determines our success in the long run.

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