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The Green Effect

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I was at a place called Neemuch, in Madhya Pradesh, near to Rajasthan border & the date was 15th March 2015. What happened was something which seemed impossible to believe and brings out a major concern on the rapidly changing atmosphere. A strong hail storm with large size ice balls turned Neemuch station platform absolutely white, just like a hill station.Nature has its own way of responding and giving us indications to control our consumption. Melting glaciers and unseasonal rain have a similar story to tell.

As individuals, most of us are trying to do their best to ensure that we are able to live longer on this planet and ensure that the resources are optimised. However, just an individual effect will not be enough & the corporates will have to play a much bigger role.

In this article, Walplast would like to express that it goes much beyond and thinks Green in all its endeavours.

Our way to go Green in building construction is through doing three basic things

  1. Water Management
  2. Wastage Management
  3. Wise Logistics

These three “W”s make us feel good and help us become the first choice of all our customers. They see value in our efforts, which also enhance their own efforts in going Green.

Water Management

Water is life. Fresh water is insufficient & sea water cannot be substituted without expensive desalination treatment. Construction cannot happen without water. Therefore saving water as much as possible is the only option available in the construction industry.

Curing – Water guzzling, butan important activity.

Curing is a mandatory process. It is very obvious that water is very loosely poured in curing which is mostly wasted & cannot be recovered. Cement requires a moist controlled environment to gain full strength. Without cement, we will have to enter the stone-age & build by chiselling large rocks. At Walplast we offer our cement based putty which does not require curing. It leads to a question on how can a cementious product claim to be free on curing.

Walplast putty does not require any post application curing. Usage of expensive polymers in the putty ensures that the hardening & achieving strength is managed by the water which is retained in the mix. These particles have a phenomenal quality of holding water & releasing it slowly for its right purpose. Therefore with our Wall Putty, considerable saving of water takes place making it a Green product by definition.

Waste Management

In the construction industry, there are two basic reasons which are responsible for waste generation. Waste due to human error& waste happening in process are the two undisputed reasons leading to a large volume of waste begin generated in our industry. Errors happen due to people & systems. Training, quality systems, intermittent checks will help in minimizing these errors. Walplast contributes in the more challenging area of waste happening in the process of application. We would like to highlight two products, which were born only reduce wastage.

Quickbond – Plaster Adhesion

Hacking & dash coat is the standard procedure which gives rise to wastage due to material falling due to lesser adhesion. Hacking also has other side effects in addition to extra time required, increasing the labour cost. Walplast brings a unique product to save material in plastering. This is a powder which needs to be mixed with water on site & applied by brush. This completely eliminates the use of hacking & dash coat, thus saving time, water, material & labour cost. Once the coat of Quickbond is applied, plastering can be done directly on semi wet condition. It gives a superior bonding effect & minimizes the fall of material significantly. Walplast Quickbond is a successful product & has been appreciated by our Customers.

Masterplast – Plaster Mix

There are at least a dozen products available in the market today which are to be mixed with plasters to create various effects like water proofing, work ability increase, crack elimination, delayed setting etc. To get a proper effect, the users have to mix minimum two products like water proofing & fiber or fiber & plasticizers. Improper mixing can lead to wastage & rework. Walplast offers an all-in-one mix consisting of all additives in a simple one pouch to one cement bag mixing ratio. This certainly is a product which was derived by us to provide a single solution to all & make the job virtually error free.

Wise Logistics

In the building material industry, with products made up of basic material like sand, stone, cement, steel, chemicals etc., transportation plays a vital role. When material is transported, it has air voids & therefore we are also transporting air. Transporting material to a longer distance gets more expensive & ultimately loads the cost on the finished products.For example, those who are in the business of cakes should bake them in the market to sell them hot & fresh.

At Walplast, we have conceptualized our infrastructure to save transportation & ultimately save fuel. A massive central plant which gets raw material from mines & supplies finish goods to all India, creates a large demand for transportation. Walplast hasmid-size plants at the locations of mines, as bulk of our raw material is minerals. Having multiple plants located in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh, catering to near markets, is an efficient decision. Products are manufactured & sold in the surrounding markets. We reduce transportation, reduce fuel & contribute to make the air clean. It also provides multiple job opportunities & financial support for local people, turning their wallets “Green”.

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